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Arisia '08 Announcements

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  • The Arisia 2009 is live!
  • Information for Relaxacon '08 - come hang out, and relax on Cape Cod.
  • The Tribble Bash raised $700 and the Sith Ball raised $800 for their respective charities, making a total of $1500 for Arisia's Friday night charity events!
  • Lost and Found list
  • 1/20/08: If you didn't have a chance to buy the Artist GoH t-shirt, you still can after the con! Offworld Designs is offering the shirt by either phone (800-900-9056) or email (offworldbv at aol dot com). Prices: $20 (S-2X), $23 (3X), $26 (5X if available). The art can be found on page 12 of the Souvenir book.
  • 1/20/08: The convention newsletter (Clear Ether) is online, at http://2008.arisia.org/Publications.
  • 1/18/08: As of the close of registration on Friday we are very close to selling out. We have 18 memberships left to sell, after which the E-board will meet and decide whether or not to extend the cap. Registration opens at 9am tomorrow morning.

    If you have pre-registered, you're okay. If you only want to come on Sunday and/or Monday, they don't count against the cap. If you are a 1 or 2 panel program participant and need to purchase a membership because you didn't get the 3 panels needed to earn a comp, you're okay (we've got your names and we've already allocated space for you when we calculate how close we are to the cap). Everyone else, if you haven't registered and you want to purchase a membership tomorrow, then get there early or pray that the E-board decides to raise the cap, or both.
  • 1/18/08: The shuttle bus does not stop at the Kendall T stop this year. It will only stop at the Central T stop. See the shuttle page for more information.
  • 1/14/08: The Fast Track schedule and Young Fan Masquerade pages have been updated!
  • 1/13/08: Reminder: Masquerade: There is NO Masquerade registration on Saturday. Get those on-line pre-registrations in now! Online registration closes Thursday night at 23:50 Eastern Time (11:50 PM).
  • 1/11/08: Information about food options at the con.
  • 1/9/08: We could still use your help at the con!
  • 1/8/08: See all of the Raffle Prizes being given out during the Sith Debutante Ball.
  • 1/7/08: Get a preview of our publications for this year!
  • 1/4/08: The Masquerade Rules have been updated with info about Remote-Control devices (don't use them due to interference sources) and new info about Official and Fan Photography (the locations have changed).
  • 1/4/08: Want a Naughty Nurses calendar?
  • 12/30/07: The Gaming schedule is online.
  • BABYSITTING is CLOSED. Please send email to babysitting@arisia.org if you have any questions.
  • 12/27/07: Reminder: The overflow hotel formerly known as Hotel@MIT is now called Le Meridien Cambridge. Due to the (Dec. 5) change in ownership, reservations are currently by phone only at 617 577 0200. Our block there expires January 4 so make your reservation soon. If you made a reservation with Hotel@MIT, the change of ownership at the hotel will not affect your reservation.
  • 12/18/07: An Art Show confirmation email was just sent to artists. If you didn't get it, or you have questions, send email to: artshow@arisia.org
  • 12/18/07: Fast Track announces a free MYCHIP program on Saturday, January 19, 2008, from 10 am-2 pm, in the Empress ballroom on the 14th floor.
  • 12/13/07: The Masquerade Rules have been updated, and a map of the Masquerade ballroom layout is now on-line.
  • 11/14/07: Need to update your address?
  • 11/12/07: Art Show request deadline approaching!
  • 10/4/07: On-line Masquerade registration is now open!
  • 10/4/07: The rates have gone up for registration. Be sure to register before the end of the year to avoid the next rate increase!
  • 10/4/07: The hotel is filling up! Be sure to get your reservations soon if you'd like to stay in the main hotel.
  • 9/3/07: We now have two Guest Anime Judges for the Masquerade!
  • 8/25/07: Gaming signup is open!
  • Online registration is OPEN now!
  • Reservations at both the Hyatt (main hotel) and Hotel@MIT (overflow hotel) are now open.
  • Information for Relaxacon '08
  • Make your own flyers
  • More Arisia links


  • The Cambridge Public Library will be hosting two events in November highlighting the work of Susan Cooper and fantasy writing, with the theme of “Unriddling the World.” More information about this event.

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