Lost and Found

SMOZZ (Susan Mozzicato aka my better half) compiled the following list and deserves a big thank you. If you see something of yours, please let us know BY REPLYING TO OPS@ARISIA.ORG. We are planning on bringing all of this to the debrief, but we would still like to know. There are several items that we have left some of the details out for security. Fill in the details to prove the item is yours. Etc.

Various Arisia Badges (tell us the name and we will check)

           EFL School ID (name the name and you get it)

           Indiana Drivers License (name the name and you get it)

Other Small Items:
           Eyeglasses, Black Donna Karan Frames

           Eyeglasses, Bifocal, Pale Rose Frames

           Eyeglasses, Copper Frames

           3 Keys On A Ring (describe them)

           Silver Colored Military Style Pins, 2 Bars And 1 Star

           Audiovox Frs Radio, Model Gmrs150, Found In Fast Track

           Motorola Talkabout Radio (name the model or something)

           Brass Statue Of Two Penguins

           Black Leather And Stud Bracelet

           Man's Ring, Square Top With 4 Stones

           1 Earring, Black Bead With Copper And Red Slashes

           1 Clip On Earring, Silver With Red Stones

           1 Radio Clip For Large Frs Radio (Not Arisia's)

           Purple Popup Hairbrush With Mirror

           Small Turquoise Stuffed Dragon

           Small Grey Stuffed Lion (Named Babe)

           Purple Beanie Baby Bear (Sapphire)

           Small Yellow Stuffed Horse

           Pink Tribble

           Black Comb With Red/Yellow Feathers Attached

           Black Flame Poker Chip Bag

           Masquerade Music CD (what's your name on it?)

           Black Boy Brief Underwear, Body By Victoria, Size Large

           Purple Scarf

           Black Russian Cap With Ear Flaps

           Black Fleece Headband

           Chiffon Scarf, Shades Of Lilac

           Grey Champion Sweatshirt With Hood (name the Construction Company)

           Black Cotton Jacket With Many Zippers, 2 Keys On A Ring In Pocket

           Black Cotton Cropped Top With Silver Decorations

           Small Grey Fleece Convertible Fingerless Gloves/Mittens (From The Gap)

           Red Sweater With Single Blue Band, Ralph Lauren

           Child's Size 6 Pink Terry Bathrobe

           Blue Striped Sleep Pants, Liz Clairborne

           Men's Rugby Shirt, Purple, Turquoise, Red Striped

           Black Ski Mask

           Black Plaid Rayon Scarf

           Black Jacket (Tail Coat?)

           Orange Knit Hat (Chill Out At Chiplace.Org)

           Purple Fleece Hat

           Blue North Face Hat

           Cream Knit Hat With Visor

           Black Beret With Silver Pin

           Black Fake Fur Hat

           An Assortment Of Single Mittens And Gloves

Other Items:
           1 Digital Camera (name the brand, model, and tell us some of the pictures)

           Purple And Grey Insulated Cooler With Shoulder Strap

           Folding Music Stand In Brown Case

           Dark Brown Tail, Approx. 2 Feet Long

           Tote Bag For Poison Pen Press Sign

           Water Bottle In Lime Green Neoprene Holder

           Morton R Godine Library Water Bottle

           Gold Fabric With Maroon Velvet Design

           Brita Water Filtering Pitcher

           Bag Clip And Jumbo Clip

           Water Bottle – Mass Environmental Education Society

           Black Nylon Cell Phone Case With Belt Clip

           Book – The Ewoks Join The Fight

           The Book, From Thayer Public Library, Braintree Library

           Black Skewer With Braided Leather Handle

           Folder With Belly Dance Information (Katrina Meyer)

           Book – Rhone Alps

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