Arisia '08 Publications Documents

Restaurant Guide

Restaurant Guide (PDF 5MB)

Souvenir Book

Souvenir Book (PDF 2.5MB)

Pocket Program

Pocket Program (PDF 1MB)
Pocket Program (DOC .5MB)
Pocket Program (HTML .3MB)

Schedule Grid

Here's the schedule as a grid
With links to descriptions and bios

Schedule in Other Formats

Spreadsheet (CSV, 205KB)
PalmOS (DOC, 23KB)

Clear Ether (con newsletter)

Friday (PDF 1.2MB)
Saturday (PDF 1MB)
Sunday (PDF 800kB)
Masquerade issue (PDF 800kB)
Monday (PDF 1.2MB)

For last year's publications, please see our 2007 web site.

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