Events & Programs

The schedule is now online!


Events has some great things in the works.

Some of our traditional favorites remain, like:
- Rocky Horror Picture Show
- Saturday Night Club Dance with DJ Johnny Zed
- Weapons and Armor demos with the Higgins Armory
- Blood Drive (help us beat our record of 61 pints donated)
- Sunday's Period Dance (this year's theme: 'Labyrinth'! Costumes are encouraged!)
and, of course, the Masquerade

We also have some quite new Events:
- Sith Charity Debutante Ball
- Tribble Bash
- Radio Plays with Post Meridian and Second Shift
- Walking the Labyrinth (morning or evening, a great way to get 'quiet time' at-con)

and that's not all, of course!

Events has much more to entertain you with, so come to the Ballroom in January and check it out!

Samantha Dings, Events Division Head

This year's preliminary list of programs and events.

You can see a list of last year's program participants.

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If you are a program participant and are looking to find Zambia, the URL is:

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