Blood Drive

Photo of Robert Heinlein donating blood. We're back! Thanks to the wonderful response at Arisia '07, Massachusetts General Hospital is looking forward to coming back in '08. If you can plan ahead, please contact us at to make an appointment in advance. Appointments aren't necessary, they just help the MGH crew to deliver on their promise of a half-hour turnaround time for donors. We'll be signing donors up on Friday evening and all during the drive on Saturday. There's more information about donor eligibility here. Thanks for thinking about becoming a donor.

Donor appointment times (walk-ins welcome!) will be from 10a-4p on Saturday (that means the last appointment will start at 4pm)

The Heinlein Society exists to preserve the legacy renowned writer Robert Anson Heinlein left us in novels, essays, speeches, and short stories. We "Pay it forward," Heinlein's oft expressed phrase, since we can never pay back the riches he shared with us. If you've ever considered donating blood, please take this opportunity. If you've ever enjoyed the Grand Master's work, thank him by "paying it forward" in a way he would have deeply appreciated. Mr. Heinlein traveled extensively to promote this important cause and frequently donated himself.

Not a donor? No problem! Volunteer to help the donors have an enjoyable experience! Give a smile, a word of thanks, or hold the other hand for a new donor. Join the ranks of the Naughty Nurses! You, too, can "Pay it Forward!".

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If you've been to Arisia in the last few years, you've probably seen (and admired) the Naughty Nurses. They've been seen lounging around the Heinlein Society's Blood Drive table, doing skits at Rocky Horror and wandering the con turning heads and signing up donors. But Arisia is only a few days; wouldn't it be awesome to have the Nurses around all year? Well now you can, thanks to the Naughty Nurses calendar! A limited supply will be available in the Art Show as well as signed prints of the individual Nurses. If you miss out, don't despair; more will be available online so stop by the Blood Drive table for more info!

Previous donations:
  • At Arisia'07, 67 people showed up and 57 pints were collected.
  • At Arisia'06, 48 advance appointments became 65 people presenting to donate and 61 actually donating.
  • At Arisia'05, (during the Blizzard of ’05) fans donated 48 pints of blood.

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