The theme of this Arisia is Pirates vs Ninjas.

It is not required that you follow that theme; it's just a suggestion. :)

We welcome Rachael Hels and Emily Skrodzki from Anime Boston as our Special Guest Anime judges! Please come and share your favorite anime costumes with us at the Arisia Masquerade.

On-line registration is now CLOSED. You may register At-Con until 10 pm on Friday. THERE WILL BE NO REGISTRATION ON SATURDAY. If you will only be at Arisia on Saturday, and haven't pre-registered on-line, you will not be able to compete in this year's Masquerade.

There will be a MANDATORY meeting for all costumers Saturday morning at 10 am. And the Tech Rehearsal begins at 11 am (also mandatory).

Welcome to the Masquerade Competition. The competition will be in the Presidents Ballroom on Saturday evening. We will have categories for children (Young Fan), Novice, Journeyman and Master/Craftsman divisions.

All of the following information is designed to help you understand what to expect before, during, and after this year's Masquerade Competition. If in doubt about anything to do with this Event, feel free to contact me. My word is final.

Hall costumes are encouraged! The Northern Lights Costumers' Guild will be awarding prizes for well-done hall costumes. Consider showing your hall costume in the Masquerade as well.

If you have any questions, please email for assistance. We want to help you!

Masquerade Director's Bio

From Karen Purcell DVM, aka Dr. Karen:

This is my first year as masquerade director, after many years of involvement in the Arisia art show. As a member of the Northern Lights Costumers Guild entry, I received my mastery in costuming at the LA Worldcon 2 years ago, but have been involved in various forms of costuming since the age of 14. My costuming involvement has ranged from high school and college theatre troupes to SCA and dance. As a fan, I've participated in Pern fandom, East Coast Art Shows, and belly dancing. Mundanely, I am a veterinarian with a long-time interest in science fiction. I graduated from Pace University and the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell. I am also the author of Essentials of Ferrets: A Guide for Practitioners, AAHA Press.

Guest Anime Judge Rachel Els' Bio

Arisia 2008 will be my first of many things. It will be my first visit to Arisia, my first time judging at Arisia, and my first ICG sci-fi con. This will not, however, be my first time judging. I've previously judged at Anime Boston 2006 and 2007, both times as a craftsmanship judge. Beforehand, I'd only cosplayed before. My first costume, Warrior Paine (FFX-2) won me a Judges Award for Best Jewelry, and my next costume, Harle (Chrono Cross) led me to win Best Advanced Craftsmanship. Since then, I've only competed once more, winning another Best Advanced Craftsmanship award. Self-taught, I enjoy sewing both as a hobby and as a means to earn a little extra cash for my newest obsession: making crocheted amigurumi dolls. I look forward to seeing you all in January, so happy sewing, and good luck! :)

More Information coming soon.

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