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The Hyatt Regency Cambridge has many food options available, but if they don't tempt you, the hotel is about a mile from Central and Kendall Squares which have many interesting restaurants.

If you don't have a car, a shuttle bus will be running from the hotel to Central Square. For more details about shuttle routes, please see shuttle schedule page.

Please see our A'08 Restaurant Guide.

As an online addition to the A'08 Restaurant Guide, we have provided a spreadsheet of 200+ restaurants in Cambridge, with address, phone, and latitude/longitude coordinate information. This data is available sorted by restaurant name, location, and type of food served. The sort column(s) are marked with an asterisk (*) or numbers indicating sort order.

Also nearby are Whole Foods supermarket, Trader Joe's supermarket, Micro Center (for feeding your computer), and Star Market (shuttle bus stops close to it).

We are working with the hotel to provide a variety of foods to suit all tastes and budgets including a 24 hour lunch cart in the hotel lobby. 

Delivery from restaurants in the local area can be arranged from the following companies:

Note: some restaurants are listed with multiple services, or they might also provide their own delivery service

We've invited several local lunch trucks to park across the street from the hotel during Arisia

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