Hospitality & Food

Arisia will have a 24 hour Con Suite with beverages, munchies, and the occasionally treat.

The hotel will provide 24 hour quick meals in the lobby and buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can see sample menus over here (the menu will change from day-to-day).

Once again we will be inviting lunch trucks from MIT to park across the street from the hotel. Last year we had three trucks, providing Italian, Middle Eastern, and Asian food.

Goosebeary's said they'll be at Arisia starting Thursday evening.
Thursday: 5:15pm - 8:30pm/9:00pm
Friday: 5:15pm - 9:00pm
Saturday: 11am - 9:00pm
Sunday: 11am - 9:00pm
Monday: 11am - 3:00pm

For other food options near the hotel, you can see our Area and Dining Guides information. The Arisia shuttle bus to the overflow hotel will stop in Central Square, so you'll have easy access to many good restaurants.

For smokers, we'll have Smokers' Lounge on the hotel's smoking floor (12th floor), where you can go to smoke without going outside.

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