ArisiaBowl III!

ArisiaBowl III 2008 is the third annual Blood Bowl tournament to be held at Arisia. The tournament champion gets their name inscribed on the beautiful legacy trophy created for ArisiaBowl by Scott Lefton. Throughout the year, the trophy travels to other Blood Bowl tournaments on display. This past year, it went to The GenCon Bowl at GenCon Indy.

Now you might find yourself wondering, "What, by Nuffle, is Blood Bowl?" Blood Bowl is a fun, exciting and fast-paced boardgame with painted miniature figures. Orcs, and elves, and spiky balls, oh my! ArisiaBowl will be an all-day tournament starting Sunday morning. For more details and to sign up for the tournament, go here.

Additional pick-up games of Blood Bowl may well be played in the game room at other times during the weekend too. Ask for Maureen in the gaming room if you want to learn how to play. Anyone who learns the game on Friday or Saturday is welcome to play in the tournament on Sunday if you want. There will be a limited supply of extra teams and boards available.

Additional prize support for this year's tournament is graciously provided by:
- Pandemonium Books, Central Square
- Your Move Games, Davis Square
- Games Workshop Store, Danvers, at the Liberty Tree Mall
- The Hobby Bunker, Malden Square

If you would like to help promote the ArisiaBowl, please download the flyer PDF and print it out to post in your local gaming/comic/book store. The info slips at the bottom can be set up to easily tear off if you crease the page just above slips, and cut the vertical lines between them before you post the flyer. Thanks!

ArisiaBowl Legacy Trophy

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