Saturday Night Club Dance

Once again, DJ Johnny Zed will be bringing his eclectic DJing style to Arisia's Saturday night club style dance. Spinning until the last dancer drops or until he gets closed down, Johnny will be playing music from genres ranging from the usual favorite 80s/retro and darkwave/EBM/industrial and then some.

Requests are heartily welcomed, and though there's no guarantee that he'll manage to get them all in, he'll damn well try! So get into your best dancing gear, and come on down for a night on the dance floor. We can dance if we want to! (If you would like to submit an early request, please email

The dance will continue as long as there's someone on the dance floor, or the hotel throws us out in the morning.

8 second video, shot with an IR camera.
You might want to turn down your volume before playing it.

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