Please fill in the information requested below and click "Submit Request" to send your Masquerade Registration form to the Arisia Masquerade staff.

Be sure you have read and are familiar with the Masquerade Information, Rules, and Suggestions and Masquerade Schedule pages before you begin.

The entry form consists of four sections: Entry Classification; Costume and Entrant Information; Technical Information; and Primary Contact Information. In each section, all fields marked by a blue asterisk (*) are required.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send email to We want to help make you successful! In addition, if you need to make changes to the information submitted on this form before Arisia starts, you can e-mail them to the address above. During Arisia, erntrants will be able to correct this information at the Masquerade Desk, as well as fill out Tech, Workmanship Judging, and Release forms.


(* =required field)

Entry Classification
* In what category will your entry be competing? (See Rules for definitions)

* What is/are the theme(s) of your entry? (Check all that apply. At least one theme checkbox must be selected.)
* Is your entry for Exhibition Only/Not For Competition? (i.e., not to be considered for judging and awards)?

* Are you a Young Fan (age 13 or under, born after 14 Jan 1994)?

* If you are a Young Fan, is your costume:

* If you aren't a Young Fan, in what Skill Division will you be competing? (See Rules for definitions.)
Journeyman Craftsman Master
Costume & Entrant Information
* What is your costume entry title?
* What is your costume's source?
* Who designed your costume(s)?
Enter other designers' names here (1 per line):
* Who made your costume(s)?
Enter other makers' names here (1 per line):
* How many on-stage entrants are there?

* Are there any 'human props' in your performance? ('Human Props' are people who appear on stage but whose costumes and actions are not part of the presentation)
If Yes, enter names of all human props who will appear on stage, one per line.
Technical Information
What materials are you supplying? (Check all that apply.)
What instructions do you have for the Master of Ceremonies (MC)? (Check all that apply.)
(Entry number, division, and title)
(Entry number and division only)
(Info to be read in black-out or before presentation starts)
(Script to be read during presentation)
(Requires active participation from MC)
If a set-up or script is required for the MC, it must be provided when you check in at Masquerade Registration. Be sure to include costume title and your name at top of sheet.

* What are the dominant colors of your costume(s)? (Check all that apply.)
Do you need any special technical effects?
Do you need the MC to participate in your presentation?
Primary Contact/Group Coordinator Information
* Your name?
* Street Address Line 1:
Street Address Line 2:
* Town/City:
* State/Province:
* Postal/ZIP Code:
* Home/Evening Phone (with area code): ()
* Work/Daytime/At-Con Phone: ()
* Email Address:
Are you a member of a costuming organization, group, or guild?
If so, which one?
Comments and Additional Info
Please enter any additional information, requests, or comments:

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