Help Wanted! Really, we mean YOU!

These are some of the important Help Wanted positions for Arisia '08.

Help Wanted

Food Volunteers:
Many people are needed to feed the hungry fans. In particular, the Con Suite, Staff Den, and Green Room are where Arisia keeps our attendees fed. Set-up and clean-up is constant, and we really need you! For example the Con Suite is open nearly 24 hours.
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Art Show Setup
Many hands make quick work, and people are needed to assemble the Art Show displays Thursday evening. You don't need to be really a Mr. Fix-it, but being handy with tools would sure help.

Security Staff Needed
Security Staff members are required to exhibit a professional manner and adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Security Handbook at all times. That said, Security Staff seems to have a really great time making Arisia work safely and happily for everyone. So, consider your inner cowboy, and join Security Staff. Volunteers under 18 years of age will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact: if you are interested in working for Arisia Security 07.

Dealer Check-In
People are needed to help with Dealer Check-In on Friday starting around noon.

Dealer Porters
People with strong backs are need Friday afternoon to help dealers move their stuff into the hotel. We have a great pack-in location this year, but appropriate clothing for New England weather is still highly recommended.
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Info Desk Staff
No heavy lifting required, just a willingness to help people and answer questions. While it is helpful if you are familar with the Cambridge-Boston area and have been to Arisia before it is not required.
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Masquerade Volunteers:
Please see our posting for more information!

Sign Shop Runner
Need someone to deliver signs for the sign shop. Must be fleet of foot, and able to figure out the new hotel's layout.
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Data Entry
We need data entry, data editing and help with email processing. If you would like to volunteer and are just not sure how this is a great introduction to the inner workings of the convention!
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Fast Track Assistants
Looking for a good time with small people?
We're looking for a few fun Fast Track assistants. Creativity, ability to solve problems, and desire to work with children ages 7-12 are necessary for this fast paced con-within-a-con. Programmed hours will be Friday night 7-9, Saturday 10-5 (closing one hour earlier than usual because of the Masquerade using our space as their Green Room), Sunday noon-6, and Monday 10/noon-3... Fast Track will be open on Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings from 9-10 or noon (depending on the day) with unscheduled but supervised play in the early morning to accommodate those parents who have morning program items, so a morning person or two would be a great help here on Saturday, Sunday and Monday 9:00 am to 10 am or noon. And then there's clean-up. Animals, discussions, music, magic, and of course, crafts of all sorts are planned for this year.
Please contact Persis Thorndike at if you are interested in joining the Fast Track Team as a part-time or full-time assistant, or even if you are willing to put in a few hours before, during, or after.

Day Volunteers

The following JOBS are available to DAY VOLUNTEERS at ARISIA '08 If any of these positions sound like your "cup of tea" then simply drop a line to

-GAMING: 2am to 6am shifts (night owls only need apply)
-GAMING: Shifts from 4pm through 2am (various)
-MT. ARISIA CLIMBING CLUB: 1:30pm to 3:30pm Saturday/Sunday (ledge keepers)
-LOADING from STORAGE: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
-PANELS: Timekeeper
-COAT CHECK: 8am to 10am Saturday/Sunday, 10pm to 3am Friday/Saturday
-FENG-SHUI shifts room for panel set-ups
-LOADING into ARISIA STORAGE: Monday and Tuesday shifts

----These are just some of the many, many volunteer request that the Volunteer Lounge will need to fill during the course of the Arisia '08 convention. If you see something on this list you'd be interested in doing, or just want to drop in and help please come to the VOLUNTEER LOUNGE at ROOM 205 during the convention.

Are you new to Arisia, or an old hand? Do you want to do something to help, but not get tied down to a "position" or given a "job"? Then you should check out the VOLUNTEERS LOUNGE. We need your help in a variety of areas on a constantly changing basis. We're the perfect place for your in between panel downtimes, a place to use your creativity to help us solve little problems, or your back to push around the big problems. We need lots of help to manage our busy days at convention, we need you.
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Staff Den Assistants
Always wanted to care and feed hungry bears, er... we mean con staff? Really this is a fun position, you get to know everyone!
Applicants will need to help cook meals, put out snacks and beverages in the convention's Staff Den. This job may involve walk-abouts in the hotel during the convention to bring food to hungry staffers.
No experience necessary, flexible shifts available.
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We need a few happy helpers for Registration to help hand out badges; re-stock brochures, etc.; help people with the registration system. We will train you, but it helps if you have previous keyboard input experience. Flexible shifts.
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Events is that division of Arisia that puts on, well, the events. If you are a party planner in this life, a past life, or in your dreams we need you! What do we plan? Just to name a few: the Masquerade, dances, bands, demonstrations, and so much more.
We're looking for people to help us "manage" the rooms. This involves being present at the room for a chunk of time and making sure that each event gets in and out smoothly. Come join the fun and find out what makes Arisia tick.
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Smokers Wanted
Smokers wanted to help manage Smoking Lounge. Smokers only need apply.
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Transportation Captain
Have you ever wanted to tell people where to go?
We need someone to organize the shuttle buses and offsite parking.
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These are NOT the ONLY open positions, if you'd like to help with something, but don't see it listed, please send email to:

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