Fast Track

Arisia's Kid's program, known as Fast Track, is designed as a con-within-a-con for kids in the 6-12 age range. We offer a wide variety of program items, including crafts, costuming, magic shows, science, song, discussions, demonstrations, storytelling, and games. For more information, make suggestions for program items or volunteer to help, contact us at

Schedule for Arisia '08 is below.

Schedule for Arisia '07 for last years' program (PDF).

This year we will run 4 days:
Friday: 7pm - 9pm
Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Sunday: noon - 6pm
Monday: 10am - 3pm

There will be unstructured supervised play before programming begins on Saturday 9-10 am, Sunday 9-noon and Monday 9-10 am. If you are a morning person and wish to volunteer time to oversee these non-structured periods, please send e-mail to Persis at

Kids-in-Tow are welcome to attend Fast Track panels, but do keep in mind that the programming will be geared towards ages 6-9 and 9-12, and parents of younger children need to keep close watch of their littles when they are underage and may not have the manual dexterity, knowledge or attention span for a particular panel.

Children's Policies

You can read about the Children's Policies here. If you do not read the policies, we are not responsible for what happens to your children after they have been sold to the aliens.

Free Child Identification

Arisia Fast Track and the Freemasons are happy to announce the MYCHIP program on Saturday, January 19, 2008, from 10 am-2 pm, in the Empress ballroom on the 14th floor. All families with children are welcome to participate, as well those older children or adults who might benefit from having an ID package.

You can see more details about the MYCHIP project at, They will videotape brief interview with your child and they will fingerprint and take a dental impression and DNA swab. ALL OF THESE MATERIALS will be turned over to the parents. This is free of charge - the Masons pick up all the costs. Our local fannish Freemasons are offering to do this because they see an ever-increasing amount of children in fandom, and they'd like to give something back to fandom - many of them are long-time fans (leading this effort is Ross Schacher, whose first con was in '72).

Kamikaze Costuming panel

Here is a chance for kids to show off their costumes! After the huge success of the past 3 years of Kamikaze entries in the Masquerade, we are please to offer once again the Fast Track Kamikaze Costuming panel (Saturday morning, 2 hours). Any one is welcome, feel free to add to your costume collection with a new design! Come dig through our bins of fabric, trim, and notions to create your own costume for the Masquerade. Sewing machines and experienced costumers will be available to help you make your creation.

Do-it-Yourself Costuming will be available throughout the con for additional construction time, but you will have to run the sewing machines yourself or make a no-sew costume.

Show off your costume in a parade across the Stage as the first entry in the Arisia Masquerade on Saturday night!

All children who are not otherwise entered as Masquerade contestants are welcome to participate in the Masquerade as part of the Kamikaze Entry. Ideally they will wear costumes made in Fast Track. A parent or guardian must sign the entrance paperwork in advance and bring their child to the Alternate Masquerade Green Room at 6:30 pm for an 8 pm stage appearance. Den Moms will be staffing the Green Room. Talk with Persis in Fast Track to learn more and get the paperwork.

Young Fen at the Masquerade: Please read about our Alternate Green Room and this years' policies here: Young Fans at the Masquerade.

Fast Track Schedule for A'08



Empress A

Empress B

Empress C

Empress D


7 pm

Nominal Quiet Room/Free Play

Teen Beading: Working with Seed Beads
Balloon Animals
Pirate Ship Building, or Is That a Ninja Castle?
8 pm
Amazing Watercolors
Children's Games for Time Travelers


9-10 am
Non-Structured Supervised Play
10 am
Nominal Quiet Room/Free PlayKamikaze Costuming
MCHIP Child ID Program Catapults: Early Rocket Science?
Reading from "Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere"
11 am
Ninjas vs Pirates Gaming Session
Crafting a Story, Criss-crossing Genres with GoH
Noon What's a Comet Made Of? Which is Better: the Book or the Movie?
1 pm
Mask Making
Hands-On Science for Kids, Take 1
Humorous Stories
2 pm
Pipe Cleaner Dragons
Star Wars Rebel Legion Beyond Hogwarts: A Young Fan's Reading List
3 pm
Magic Show
Cartooning & Comic Creating Stump the Scientists! Defend Yourself Against the Aliens
4 pm
Magic How-To's
Germs: Up Close and Personal
Have Space Suit: Heinlein for Juveniles




Empress A

Empress B

Empress C

Empress D

9 am - Noon
Non-Structured Supervised Play
Sound Effects for Story Telling
Tissue Paper Collage
Hands-On Science for Kids, Take 2
1 pm
Nominal Quiet Room/Free Play
No-Sew Costumes Science Fiction is a Girl Thing Too!
Dragon Quest E
2 pm
Creative Interviewing with the Fan GoH
Knit One Perl Two - Fannish Fiber Arts for Kids
Robots in Space
Learn a Bit of Karate
3 pm
Beading is a Way of Life
Face Painting
Hammers, Lasers, Mirrors Gaming Session
4 pm
Haiku for You
What Would My Super Power Be? (For Kids)
It's Storigami
Ninjas vs Pirates Swordfighting Game
5 pm
A la Ollivander: Magic Wands
Marvelous Moon Rocks!
Magic Show


9-10 am
Non-Structured Supervised Play
10 am
Nominal Quiet Room/Free PlayPinch Masks
Open Costuming
Card Games
11 am
Magic: The Gathering
Build It with Legos
Card Games for the 7-12 Set Knight Training
1 pm
Origami/Kirigami 201
2 pm
How to Build a BEM

Persis' Bio:

Internationally-known Persis Thorndike has been running Children's programming at science fiction conventions, home schooling, and gifted and talented conferences, and has assisted in the activities room at the New England Folk Festival. Mother of a home-schooled 11-year-old, Persis draws from a broad range of interests to plan captivating and entertaining children's activities to keep kids in the 6-12 age range happy and occupied at conferences and conventions.

Children's programs designed and overseen:
ConCertino 1999, 2003, 2006
Noreascon 4, 2004 (World Science Fiction Convention)
Arisia 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
Boskone 2005, 2006, 2007
Learning In Our Own Way home schooling conference, August 2005
Beyond IQ conference May 2006, 2007

Assisted with:
Torcon 3, 2003 (World Science Fiction Convention)
Beyond IQ conference May 2004
NEFFA children's activities room, 1996-2007
Maryland Fairy Festival May 2005, May 2006
LA Con IV, September 2006

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