Dealer Parking

As a convention attendee, you can park in the hotel garage for $7 a day. As long as you get there early, you should be able to find a spot. But once you have a spot, you probably should leave you car there for the weekend, because we have more attendees than there are spaces in the parking garage.

However if you have a large vehicle (taller than 6' 5"), or a trailer, we set a side a parking area just for dealers (we won't advertise it on our Parking page for attendees). MIT's 65 Waverly Lot is 3/4 mile away by car (5/4 mile to get back), but a ~5 minute walk (1/4 mile) from the hotel.

Arisia has arranged for the lots to be available to Arisia attendees starting at 5pm on Friday. If you can't fit in the garage and you'll need a place to park, please let us know so we can make arrangements.

MIT's Map for 65 Waverly Lot

map for dealer parking
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Walking Directions (green path)

To walk from the Waverly lot to the hotel, follow the black, cast iron fence around the Fort Washington Park, until you get to the pedestrian rail road crossing. At this point you should be able to see the hotel. Cross the tracks and walk through the West Lot to Vassar St. Turn right on Vassar Street and walk a block to Amesbury Street (hotel garage is at the corner). Continue down Amesbury St until you get to the hotel entrance.

Driving to the Waverly Lot (blue path)

From the hotel's front entrance turn right onto Amesbury and then turn right at the traffic light onto Memorial Drive...
From the loading dock, turn left on to Vassar St. Follow it around until it ends at Memorial Drive....
Turn right on to Mem Drive and stay in the right lane. Take the ramp down to the rotary under the overpass and immediately turn right. Again, take your next right onto Waverly St. Follow Waverly St. and turn into the parking lot after the enclosed park (just after the sign for the intersection of Waverly and Reardon Sts).

Driving Directions to the Hyatt (red path)

Turn right out of the Waverly lot, and bear right on to Albany St. At the traffic light turn right, and then at the next corner/light, turn right on to Vassar St. Follow Vassar St...
To get to the front entrance turn left on to Amesbury, just before the hotel's garage.
To get to the loading dock, continue past the hotel's garage, and immediately turn left.

Please note that when parking in any of the MIT open lots, if there is a snow storm, overnight parking is banned (they need to be able to plow the lots). If you have a passenger car, you can park it in the West Garage on Vassar St. (see the Parking page for details). If we have a snow storm, please ask your Dealer Liaison for suggestions for alternate parking locations.

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