Dealers at Arisia '08

Company NameStateProduct(s)
80grit ArtMARobots and Rayguns made from used steel
Angelwear CreationsWAPrecious stone and metal jewelry and related services
Big Head StudioRISee the "Museum of Curiosities"!  Buy animal ears and Pasties!
Bones and FlowersMADrinking horns, leather goods, Pagan/New age gifts
BriteClothMDTie Dye Clothing and Scarves
Brute Force LeatherPACorsets, Leatherwear, T-Shirts
Calligraphic ButtonsPAButtons & bumperstickers
Cartoon PassionCAJapanese anime character goods and collectibles
Cloak And Dagger CreationsMACloaks, gowns, shirts, pants, trim and clasps
Crimson Chain Leather WorksOHLeather and fabric costumes
Crystal Connection & Auntie Rwen's SpicesCTJewelry, gems, interesting rocks, holograms, ...
The Dragon's DesignNHChain jewelry and attire
The Dragon's LairMAT-shirts, sculpture, pewter, calendars
Drum and WhistleRIMusical Instruments
Elven CreationsNHHand bound books, beaded, and chain maille jewelry
Embroidered FashionsMAEmbroidered clothing, Scarves, door mats, toys and autographs
Enchanted Images Fantasy ArtNHFantasy art, tarot readings, wands, pirate maps, costumes, ...
Eyrie House Books CTRare and used books
Fabric DragonPAAmber and jet, silver and gold jewelry, craft supplies
Freyja's Fantasy FineryCTFine and fantastic clothing
Grave ImagesMAT-shirts, tank tops, and velvet apparel
Graven Images & FriendsNHVampire fangs, body art, leather armor, ...
Griffons Claw ArmoryNJCostume weapons - Anime, Medieval, Boffer
HaptotropeMARecycled accessories,reflective goodies, original yarns, and alteration of items
HennaDancer.comCTBody Art - traditional henna, glitter tattoos, and body painting
Honeck SculptureMIBronze sculptures
Hutnik's Used BooksCTUsed books
Kujaku Trading Co.GABeautiful Vintage Kimono for clothing, costuming, and art. Wholesale available.
The Lady and The LeopardCTRenaissance and fantasy clothing, jewelry, leather accessories, capes, and crowns
Lady Guendalina's ClosetMATrim, snoods, boning, notions, hairsticks, barrettes, swords, jewelry, hats, ...
Lady Heather FashionsILAnime costumes, corsets, shoulder puppets, fantasy costumes
Larry Smith, BooksellerOHNew books
Longship Trading Co.MASwords
Magical AlchemyMAMetaphysical jewelry, rare herbs & pagan supplies
MaterialisNYJewelry, Bellydance Accessories, Trimmings, Clothing
Miko Exotic WearRIAdult clothing and toys (18+)
Mystical AestheticsNHBody art, henna tattos, and special effects makeup
OffWorld DesignILAir-brushed T-shirts
Pandemonium Books & Games, IncMASF Books, card and board games, dice, and toys
Poison Pen PressNYCookbooks, costume books, fantasy novels
Purrfect Past TimesMAHand made quilts, pillow cases, earrings etc
R & P EnterprisesMAUsed books
Robert Quill, Artist for HireNHCustom Illustration works and prints
The Slutty MermaidMAClothing, artwork, books, treasures and erotica from Circlet press
Spicy BraidsPAFantasy hairbraiding (and artwork & chain mail))
Sunspot DesignsMAAffordable bone, beaded, & silver jewelry for mortals and others
Tales from the White HartMDFilk, Fanzines, New Books (media, esoteric, & vampire)
Terra IncognitaNYHair sticks
United Fan ConMAMemberships and Info
VooDoo BabyNYHandmade string dolls
World Apart GamesMAGames and accessories

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