A'08 Convention Org Chart

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(subject to change - some of the open positions might already be filled)
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To see who held these positions at A'07, take a look at: http://2007.arisia.org/staffOrgChart

This staff list will be used to create the list of staff people in the Souvenir Book, so please make sure this list is complete so everyone will get credit for their work on the con.

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Events, Food, Hotel Liaison, Marketing, Member Services, Ops, Programming, Publications, Treasury

Con Chair: September Isdell (conchair@arisia.org)

Assistant Chairs: Benjamin Levy, Jill Eastlake, Lisa "Jasra" Holsberg


Promotional Parties: Con Chair et al
Timeline: Rachel Silber
GoH Liaison: Krista Ernewein (goh@arisia.org)
Assistants: Lori Sartre, Tom Coveney

Marketing: (marketing@arisia.org)

Assistant Div Head:
Press Liaison: Cris Shuldiner (press@arisia.org)
Assistant Press Liasions:
Souvenir Book Ad Sales: Helen Francini, September Isdell, Rachel Silber (ads@arisia.org),
Restaurant Guide Ad Sales: Helen Francini, September Isdell, Rachel Silber(ads@arisia.org),

Ops: Rick Kovalcik (ops@arisia.org)

Assistant Div Head: Susan Mozzicato (ops@arisia.org)
Access: Buzz Harris (access@arisia.org)
Info Desk: Buzz Harris (info-desk@arisia.org)
Assistant Department Head: Noel Rosenberg
Staff: Angela Bowen, Elizabeth Gompels, Diane Rosenburg, Adrienne Seele, Tim Szczesuil, and David Wolff
Logistics: Jim Housell (logistics@arisia.org)
Staff: Steve Huff
Massage Den: Steve Balzac (massage@arisia.org)
Ops Desk: Chuck Fozard, Colette Fozard, Kit Golan, and Pete "Happy" Thomas (ops-desk@arisia.org)
Staff: Ira Donewitz, Mike "Mr. Shirt" McConnell, Lew Wolkoff, and others
Ribbons: Sharon Sbarsky (ribbons@arisia.org)
Security: Geoff Turi (security@arisia.org)
Sign Shop (signshop@arisia.org):
Pre-con: Martin Garden, Joanne McLernon, and Sharon Sbarsky
At-con: Catelyn Johnson
Staff: Talia Lefton, Alice Lewis, and Sharon Sbarsky
Volunteers: Mary Dumas (volunteers@arisia.org)

Treasury: Don Eastlake III (contreasurer@arisia.org)

Staff: Alex Latzko, Don Eastlake IV, John Francini, Kathleen Morrison

Assistant ConChair: Lisa "Jasra" Holsberg (conchair@arisia.org)


Head Registration Sucker: Amy Chused (reg@arisia.org)
Assistant Registration Suckers: Jan Dumas & L.A. Sweet
Staff: Dave Belfer-Shevett, Emily Coombs, John Hood, Kris Snyder, Zanne Labonville, Melissa Tedrow, Kate Wood, Lisa Murdock, Eve Marie Eells, Grant Garvin
Badge Artwork: Stacy "Mouse" Lucas
T-Shirts (Sales and Volunteer): Jenn Linares
Volunteer T-shirt Artwork: Stacy "Mouse" Lucas
Web: Lisa Holsberg and Minions (webmaster@arisia.org)
Generally Helpful Pubs Staff: Anna Bradley, Conor Walsh, Julia Suggs, Lisa Hertel, and Michael Trachtenberg
Ad Sales Mage: Helen Francini
Flyer Advertising Design: Benjamin Levy
NCOA database edits: Nicholas "Phi" Shectman
Souvenir Book: Paul Selkirk
Designer: Paul Selkirk
Data Coordination: Paul Selkirk, Crystal Huff, Lisa Holsberg
(AtoZ, Messages, Policies, GoH Articles, Arisia History, ConComm List)
Pocket Program: (pocket-program@arisia.org): Paul Selkirk
Reviewers & Pruffredders: Rose Fox, Andrea Lyon, Nikki Quinn
Design and Layout: Paul Selkirk
Quick Reference:
Programming Data: Programming staff
Hotel Maps: Benjamin Levy, etc
Data Coordination: Paul Selkirk, Crystal Huff, Programming staff
(Film, Video & Anime, Gaming, Fast Track, Exhibits & Fixed Functions, Dealers, Art Show)
Restaurant Guide: Sibyl Shearin
Assistant: Crystal Huff
Art: Rob Allison and Wes Jones
Grid: Paul Selkirk
Newsletter Editor: (newsletter@arisia.org) Rebeca Oliveira
Newsletter Assistant: Martin Schmidheiny
Newsletter Photographers: Carsten Turner, Steve Huff
Masquerade Reporter: Carsten Turner
Hall Costume Reporter: Carsten Turner
Creative Consultants: Yevgenia Khodor, DJ Quinn, Nikki Quinn, Michael Sprague, and Michael Tolan
Fringe Art: Lisa Hertel
Inara Art: Jenny Campbell
Special Needs Publications:
Braille Program Guide: Buzz Harris
Large Print Pocket Program: Luke Wood
Freebie Stands, Party Board, Voodoo Message Board: Erwin S Strauss
Palm Schedule: Benjamin Levy
Publications Office SysAdmin: Sheeri Kritzer Cabral

Assistant Con Chair: Jill Eastlake (conchair@arisia.org)


Fast Track: Persis Thorndike (fasttrack@arisia.org)
Assistants: Ming Diaz, Jill Sylvester and Susan Levitin
Staff: Talis Thorndike Love, Brenna Levitin, Alaina Bailey, Spencer Love and Stuart Ferguson
Filk: Ellen Kranzer (filking@arisia.org)
Gaming: James Pinkerton (gaming@arisia.org)
Projected Media:
Anime: (anime@arisia.org) Mike Toole
Assistant: Neil Nadelman
Video: Lance Oszko (video@arisia.org)
Assistant: Jonette Butler
ArisiaTV: Carl "Z!" Zwanzig and Jill Eastlake
Zambia: Tracy Gangwer (zambia@arisia.org))
Staff: Peter Olszowka

Events: Samantha Dings (events@arisia.org)

Assistant Div Head: Glenn MacWilliams (events@arisia.org)
Blood Drive: John Hodges and the Naughty Nurses
Club Dance(s): Johnny Zed
Drum Circle: Charles Hannum
LARPs: James Pinkerton
Masquerade: Karen Purcell (masq@arisia.org)
Assistant: Deidre Purcell
MC: Richard Hill
Presentation Judges: Donna Dube, Dina Flockhart, and Marty Gear
Judges' Clerk: Gunther Anderson
Anime Judges: Rachael Hels and Emily Skrodzki
Workmanship Judge: Christine Day
Judge's Clerk: Lani Lee
Adult Masquerade Green Room: Toni Lay
Den Moms:
Repair Table:
Children's Masquerade Green Room: Stacy Mandell
Den Moms:
Repair Table:
Halftime Entertainment: Bad Raqs San’e Sahra
House Manager: Kat Hannon
Kamikaze Kids: Persis Thorndike
Ninja Lead: Ann Catelli
Ninjas: Jeanine Swick,
Official Photography: Sandy Middlebrooks
Assistants: E. O. Kean, Julius Prince, Harvey Rubinovitz
Stage Manager: David Silber
Automation: John Francini
Webmasters: Lisa Holsberg, Benjamin Levy
Registration: Deidre Purcell
Assistant: Liz Orenstein
Hall Costume Awards: NoeL, represented by Dina Flockhart, Jeanine Swick
Certificate Design: Bridget Boyle
Publications Liaison: Carsten Turner
Goblin Ball: Antonia Pugliese
Summit Mt. Arisia!: Jude Shabry
Tech Director: J. Michael Spencer
Assistant: Matthew Barr
Lighting Designer: Hobbit
Assistant Lighting Designer:
Small Tent Managers:
Sound Designer: Scott "Kludge" Dorsey
Videography: Patrick W. Foster
Walk the Labyrinth: Jude Shabry

Programming: Michael Whitehouse (programming@arisia.org)

Assistant Div Head: Jeff Warner
Bounty Hunter: Jesse Wertheimer
Pre-con Data Entry: Bridget Boyle
Data Entry and Other Help: Ann Muir Thomas, Michael Sprague, and Rachel Silber
Game Programming: James Pinkerton
Program A/V:
Program Development:
Program Office:

Assistant ConChair: Benjamin Levy (conchair@arisia.org)


Art Show: David D'Antonio (artshow@arisia.org)
Art Show Assistant Director: Sharon Sbarsky
Staff: The Permanent Floating East Coast Art Show Crew
Bag check: Pat Vandenberg, Allan Kent
Bidder Registration:
Check-In/Check-Out: Bonnie Atwood and Ann Brinnitzer
Mail-in Transportation: Dr. Karen Purcell Mail-in Art, At Con: Megan Lewis
Mail-in Art Assistant: Ann Brinnitzer and Skip Morris
Mail-in Art, Pre Con: Dr. Karen Purcell
Mailings: Dr. Karen Purcell, Ted Atwood, Benjamin Levy, and crew
Pre-Con Advisor: Dr. Karen Purcell
Print Shop:
Sales: Gay Ellen Dennett
Security: Skip Morris
Student Art Contest: (student-art@arisia.com) Skip Morris
Chief: Merv
Consultants: Dr. Karen, Ted Atwood, David D'Antonio, Sharon Sbarsky
Special Thanks: Bill "Crash" Yerazunis, Kevin Fallon
Crew: A cast of half-dozen
People of all work: Pat Vandenberg, Allan Kent
Dealer Liaison: Pamela Koretsky (dealers@arisia.org)
Assistant Dealer Liaison: Ed Trachtenberg

Food: Tamar Amidon (food@arisia.org)

Assistant Div Head:
Bulk Purchasing: (quartermaster@arisia.org)
Con Suite: Rachel Olsen (con-suite@arisia.org)
Green Room heads: Rose Fox, Josh Jasper
Our wonderful staff and volunteer chefs: Bonnie Aumann, Naomi Ben-Yehuda, Peter Gravelle, Crystal Huff, Erin Sweeney
Staff Den: Tamar Amidon (staff-den@arisia.org)
Staff: Rachel Darman and Rikibeth Weiner
Speaker to Lunch Trucks: Brytton Bradley

Hotel: Nicholas "Phi" Shectman (hotel@arisia.org)

Assistant: B. Katherine Ryan
Staff: Dennis McCunney, Janet Stickle
Innkeeper: Walter Kahn
Assistant: Jeanne Kahn
Party Czar: Daniel Abraham

Member Services: Lisa Hertel (memberservices@arisia.org)

Babysitting: Crystal "Ocean ThunderMoon" Romero (babysitting@arisia.org)
Assistant: Sarah Moggio
Babysitters: Katherine Cunningham, John D'Agosta, Lori Ann Goode, M. Catherine Hirschbiel, Miquelle Romero, Alyssa Soto, Susan Weiner
Coat Check: (coat-check@arisia.org): Jacob Lefton
Staff: Lindsay Barbieri, Andy Berquist, Kristian Brevik, Nicole Brynes, Sam Campbell, Marco Carmosino, Dillon Compton, Dan Cottle, Athena Currier, Ellen Dulaney, Daniel Eareckson, Diana Fenves, Vikki Finnan, Sam Hoffman, TK Kennedy, Mink Meyers, Alex Smith, Chris Sommer
Fan Tables: JB Segal (fantables@arisia.org)
Freebies: Rickland Powell
Smoking Lounge: Peter Ferdinand (smokers@arisia.org)
Transport: Mark Hertel
Shuttle Bus: Phi
Parking: Tom Coveney

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