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Relaxacon 2008

Children under 5 are free, children under 21 are half-price. (Please note, we're not providing babysitting services, it is up to parents to control their children.)

Please be sure to fill in the "Name of Membership" field during checkout, especially if buying more than one membership.

You can use Paypal links below to buy your memberships, or you can mail a check to:
Arisia Relaxacon,
PO Box 391596
Cambridge, MA 02139.

For more information about the Relaxacon, please see:

Year-Ahead Rates

Weekend Membership - $15
Weekend Children (5-21) - $7.50

One day membership, Friday - $10
One day membership, Saturday- $10
One Day Children (5-21) - $5

Sunday is free (it is a half day)
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